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Mercury Mediums

Introducing renown psychic mediums Cindy Huffman and Pamela Paris. We are gifted and established mediums on a spiritually guided journey to bring through messages and insights to audiences from the Other Side. This psychic duo channels love filled and often mind-blowing messages from your loved ones, pets, spirit guides, animal guides, angels, and Ascended Masters. These spirits want to help, guide, comfort, and support from the Other Side, and do so through these gifted mediums.


The Mercury Mediums never fail to deliver The Magic!

Those we love on the other side are actually as close to us as our thoughts.   ~ Edgar Cayce

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Our Mission

When the body dies, the soul lives on. There is life after death!

It is our mission to help others to understand this and know that their loved ones are still with them. Our loved ones provide us with messages of love, support, and guidance from the other side of the veil.

"Death does not part us" ~Elsie R. Sechrist

Where there is light there is love. Where there is love there is spirit.

Meet the Mediums

Mercury Mediums - Cindy HUffman

Cindy Huffman is a psychic medium, energy healer, Reiki Master, animal communicator, pet locator, spirit communicator, and ghost whisperer. She has been a practicing medium for over 30 years and has helped many people locate and retrieve their lost pets. She is honored to connect people with their loved ones and pets in spirit, animal spirits, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Spirit Guides.

Pamela Paris is a psychic medium, energy healer, animal communicator, and past life regressionist. She has been developing her spiritual gifts since 2010 and has helped many people with energy healings, spiritual communications, and sharing past life information. She is honored to be of service to others and helping people to awaken to the fact that we are all spiritual beings in this human lifetime.

Mercury Mediums - Pamela Paris
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